Making our own repeaters

Hey Wix!

I’ve noticed that I have had plenty of situations in which I am having to reuse pieces of my layout with elements. It’d be absolutely incredible if we can take those layouts and save them to be reused easily as presets and as our own repeaters that we can then use in combination with a database or wixcode to load content from.

I imagine it interacting with the database in the same way as galleries do, where they can be hooked up to a database and each element in the preset can be linked to a column. It be incredible if it can be dynamically sized, where it repeats the preset for as many rows in the database as you have.

Even better would be the choice to dynamically grow it or to use arrows to cycle through them.

I really hope that this request will be considered, I imagine it could end up being quite handy.

With kind regards,

Dennis van der Harst

Hi Dennis,

You can connect repeaters to the database and present as many items as you want already. See CMS (Formerly Content Manager): About Displaying Collection Content in a Repeater | Help Center |

At this point in the case you want to use the same layout for two different repeaters, you would need to copy the repeater and connect it to the relevant database collection.

Hey Shay,

Thank you for your reply and patience, I did notice that you are able to make the amount of repeaters shown dynamic based on the items in the database after I had posted the request and that you can add your own elements to the repeaters to make them your own. It seems like some elements aren’t supported however, like the pro galleries, which I was trying to use so it threw me off.

I personally still think that it would be nice to be able to save presets to a personal section under the “add” button however, instead of having to grab them from somewhere and copy paste them, just for convenience sake and to speed up the process, so I would still like to request that feature. Even better would be if they are linked to the account and not just the site so they can be used across multiple different sites if you found a layout you really liked and would like to reuse.

With kind regards,

Dennis van der Harst