Media Manager and URL's

Within Media Manager, I have a folder “Plot Agreements” which holds 32 PDF files - one for each Garden Member. If I go to the file in Media Manager and click on the a file, then click the three ellipsis and select “Copy URL” from the pop-up menu, I get something like this:

I then manually copied this “https://…” string for each of the 32 files, into my collection which includes a field that is of type “URL”. That field is used to populate a table on the front end to allow the member to click and view the file. When the link is clicked, the PDF is viewable. Everything works fine. Great! (Not sure if it matters, but the table is created through code and is not connected to a dataset.)

Throughout the year, PDF’s will change and new files will be uploaded. So, I would like to automate the process of updating the collection to reflect the new url which requires the “http://…” string for the new files.

I can find no way to access the Media Manager from code in order to get the specific (https://…) url which I now manually copy from the Media Manager file as indicated above.

If I use the getFileInfo(fileUrl) as explained in Velo Reference at
“” it returns a fileUrl in a totally different format.
(eg. “fileUrl”: “wix:image://v1/f6c0f9_tg439f4475a749e181dd14407fdbd37e~mv2.jpg/original-name.jpg#originWidth=300&originHeight=300”)

Using this in the collection field that holds the link to the actual file I am wanting to view does not work. Nor does replacing the “http://…” string with the fileUrl within the table data work.

The reference states: The file’s Wix media URL in the following format:

But trying to match that info to create the "https:// format doesn’t work.

Is there a way to convert the fileUrl() with “wix:image://…” to “https://…”?
Or, is there a way to use the fileUrl() in a collection with field type “URL” so the link would work?
Or, is there a way to format the fileUrl() within the table data so if clicked, it would link to the file?