"mediaManager.uploadFile" succeeds, but no file is uploaded. Following the file url shows "Forbidden".

According to https://www.wix.com/velo/reference/wix-media-backend/mediamanager-obj/upload, this should upload a csv file to the media manager.

When the function completes, the folders are created but the file is not. The returned file info object contains a url, but navigating to it with wixLocation.to(..) just shows the word “Forbidden”.

import { mediaManager } from 'wix-media-backend';


const now = new Date();

const fileInfo = await mediaManager.upload(
     "mediaOptions": {
       "mimeType": "text/csv",
       "mediaType": "document"
     "metadataOptions": {
          "isPrivate": true, // true or false makes no difference
          "isVisitorUpload": false,
          "context": {
               "generatedAt": now.toUTCString()


It doesn’t seem to matter what the file content is or what the metadata options are.