Member Account Info Page

I’ve been running into a bunch of issues with the Members system where the documentation is not matching the user interface. Here’s the latest. The Member Account Info form is not useful for my application. So I was going to delete the form (where users can update their information) and add the elements needed for my users. When I try to delete the form, there’s a pop-up that essentially says, no you can’t do this. You have to delete the entire page. (Copy of screen below.) Fine, I’ll delete the page and create my own my-account page. I tried to follow the instructions from the pop-up to delete the page and I can’t because there is no option to delete the page from the ellipsis button (copy of screen below).

Where’s the delete option?

I can’t remove the entire members area because the members are already using information in this area. The My-Account page is useless for how we will be using the Members area. (No one is ever going to update their name, contact email or phone number.) There are other functions that would be useful on this page but now I can’t put it here.

Also, now I can’t delete the pages in this area! Turns out that since there are no Roles permissions for Member Pages, the pages I’ve created in this area are useless. So they will sit there, cluttering up the system because I can’t delete them! Whoever developed this, didn’t think it through.

It would be nice if the documentation was accurate.

As Heath states already, you can’t delete pages that are default, you have to delete the whole app or simply hide the page from the menu etc.

Also, this forum is for all Wix Corvid issues and as your issue is not code related then you should be directing your questions to Wix Support themselves or reading teh Wix Support pages for Wix Members app.

Basically, if you want full control over your members and their own member profile pages etc, then don’t use the Wix Members app where you are limited to what the app gives you and create your own profile pages etc.

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