Need urgent help with Wix Store Members

I have a blog and a store on my web site which belongs to my customer that I convinced them that they do not need a professional web site to have all those thing while there is something called WIX!
Now I regret it. My customer wants to have a blog but not for public. They want to publish essays related to the products they manufacture and use those blog posts as references to the products with a link. That’s all. No one should know that there is a blog. They will click on the link and see the post. That’s all.
And they want a store page to sell their products. But the membership area is not available for total control. We do not want people to have a public page. We just want them to log in, edit their addresses, go through their orders maybe change their phone number. But in log in pages member pages have things like " make your profile public"!!! why do anyone will need to make their store membership page go public!

I need to delete some of the areas but as I spoke to Wix customer support it is impossible. So they told me to try the devmode. But I have no knowledge whatsoever about coding. However I try and see that I cannot get into the codes of wix default parts.

Need urgent help. How can I delete something in wix if I cannot see the codes of it???

pls help me, I just need to delete some of the sentences like “make your profile public” I need to delete the pop-up says “make it public”, I need to remove profile pics, I need to make members area a plain shoppers area not a social media account!