Member's page tips?

Looking for suggestions / tips…

I’ve created a pretty simple site - no e-commerce, no chat / message board / social, no forms, etc.

I want to add a page for “members only” that will consist of links to PDF files - for about 50 people.

Reading through the docs, I can easily add Password Protection to the page – but that’s just a single password for everybody.

I’d like it to be more of a log-in process. However, I don’t want create / edit / view “Profile” type of functionality.

Ideally, I would pre-populate a data source with valid email addresses.

When a person goes to the page, he sees Email and Password fields and Login button, along with a “Create Password” button.

The Create Password function should only work if the email address is already in the pre-populated data source. And, it should send an email with a confirmation code to make sure the email owner is the person trying to create a password.

So… can that be done without a bunch of custom coding?


Hey @gulfgatepcb !

This sounds like a really exciting project!

By the sounds of it, the functionality your looking for is likely going to require some coding (the Velo forum and Velo Discord are great places to begin learning). That being said, there is the option of using the Members area which provides a lot of the functionality you’re looking for, but does have the create/edit/view Profile type of flow.

Good luck!

Hi @noahlovell

Thanks for the response - although, I’d describe this project as closer to “boring” than “exciting” :slight_smile:

I could live with “create/edit/view Profile” Members flow… but, the only Members feature will be access to one specific page - not the whole site. So, before I dive into adding the Members feature…

Without custom coding:

  1. Is it possible to remove the “Sign Up” feature, so only existing Members can log in?

  2. Is it possible to remove the Log In with Google / Facebook, and instead go directly to “Log in with Email”?

  3. Is it possible to re-direct to the “Members” page on Log-in?

If the answers are “Yes” - great!

If the answers are “Yes - with custom Velo coding” - not-so-great, but I’m not afraid to implement some coding, if I can find good examples.

Thanks, Don

1- Needs coding to do that.

2- yes it can. in member sign up setting remove social options.

3- Needs coding.

I can do the coding if required. it’s simple enough.