Message in anger

For 2 weeks now I have not been able to save my Wix Code-heavy site. I have posted here, I have contacted regular support. First holds still, second says it is due to my Internet connection. My redress, that I have 3 Wix sites, 2 without Wix Code and one with, and that I can consistently and simultaniously save the first two, but never the last, keeps unanswered.

I beg of you, please help me, I have invested heavyly in Wix Code and it is now a worthless, dead web site.

Hey Giri,

:frowning: Sorry for the problems. Please post the editor URL of your site. I’ll look at it and do my best.

@yisrael-wix Thanks for the offer, Yisrael, but the problem has been solved, allthough the solution is an enigma. I post this here so others, when confronted with a likewise problem, might benefit.

  1. I went to a friend with a different Internet connection and tried to Save on his laptop. It worked.
  2. I connected my laptop to his router. I could not Save. So it wasn´t the Internet Connection (as suggested by Wix regular Support)
  3. the only thing I could think of was that it was something on my machine that somehow blocked the Saving.
  4. I have Malwarebytes and Avast running. I first disabled Malwarebytes and tried saving. No luck.
  5. I then disabled Avast. And I could Save !!
  6. went home, and with both disabled, I could Save
  7. turned Avast back on and … I still could Save. Did not try to turn Malwarebytes back on

So the whole thing is rather opaque to me: I have 3 Wix sites, 2 without Wix Code, 1 with. First 2 I could save, last one not. Why Malwarebytes, Avast or a combination of both did not let me Save the site with wix Code, I do not know, I haven´t got the foggiest. It never happened before (but they are both on auto-update, so maybe a software change, a virus def change, I do not know).

But at least I can now edit and Save. Thank you for helping me out (the moment I put this message on this board, I was contacted by wix).

It turned out to be a local problem, not a Wix problem, although I cannot distil the exact culprit… Sorry for my “message in anger”, but it´s so bloody frustrating if you have a real problem and you are not taken seriously.

Anyway, all´s well that ends well. And a happy New Year to you, btw.

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