Mobile page has buttons that don’t exist on the web template + a couple other things


so when I enter my site on mobile, there is a button called “sales” that redirects to a page I have not created. I can’t find it on the web design template and it does not appear on the desktop version where my menu is.

is there an easy fix for this?

also Ive requested a callback From wix 3 times and they have never called me back. It’s not possible to book a free consultation with me. Nothing happens when they press the choose package deal. I don’t know if this also happens they they buy a package from me.

and another thing; is it possible to not to accept new members manaully, but make them members automatically when they register? I wonder if this Might fix some issues, because some of ny Members can’t even log in… so many issues and I can’t get in touch with customer care which is a shame because I’m a paying customer

Hello. Can you share your ticket number from when you contacted support. I will pass it along and see if I can find anything out for you. But, yes - customer care is the right path. this is a community based forum and not maintained by customer care