Moderating peer to peer chat

Good morning to my Velo friends. Were using the member to member chat feature on our site (A community forum with a peer to peer market, and a few other goodies), and were seeing the need to be able to moderate the chat features a little bit more than what seems offered OOB. Can anyone advise on wether or not I can process the text that one user is sending to another before its posted to the server? I’ve written a text moderation lambda function in AWS, and id like to utilize it for this exact purpose. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, as the time to build out an entire new chat scheme isnt really available to us now.


Hello, I haven’t created anythign like the exact flow you are looking for but i did a quick demo using tensorflows toxicity model. Check it out and see if this helps give some ideas, otherwise perhaps someone in the community will have another idea.

I have actually read that and find it very interesting. I have actually read over that and think it may be applicable, im just curious if it can be used with the member to member chat (Im yet to see anywhere in my database where I have access to messages sent from user to user, but there are alot of settings in the editor, I may just be missing it.

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I haven’t done this myself, but you will have to code your own member to member chat to get that level of control over what is provided ootb. There are some older form posts where folks in the community have done this if you search around

Hey @amandam , im trying your demo but i cant seem to get it working. I specifically named the two files “toxicity.js” and “events.js” and copy pasted the code in to see if i could get it to work, but no luck. is there any other page code i should be running to capture the channel ID or payload? Sorry, im a bit new to how things work here on Velo.

I’ll need a little more information. Did you import the required NPM packages? Are you getting any errors? What happens when you test the code?

I just had to delete the two files, then remake them and publish and it started working. Ill share some code I have later for chat moderation, as I made alot of headway on that as well.

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Ah! The old “unplug and plug it back in” tech debugging 101 haha.

Amazing, would love to see the end result! You can share in the Tips,Tutorials, Tricks categories if you like so others can benefit

@amandam , Ive completed quite a bit in terms of moderating user chat, but what I can’t seem to find anywhere in the API documentation for the chatbox is a way to either remove a user from a chat channel, or remove a coversation from a user’s conversation history. I can’t image those functions dont exist (I understand that toxicity or sentive moderation techniques arent present, but there must be some way to programatically unsubscribe a user or users from a channel). I certainly dont want to seem rude, but was user protection never even a thought when creating the user chat? I must be missing something here. Currently i’m screening for toxicity, and ive set up a user reputation system where everyone starts at a 100 score, and its decreased down a value where a user is considered not reputable. But even after users are deleted from my site all together, old chats are retained in any given users chat logs, and I cannot figure out how to remove them. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

I don’t beleive there is anything like this for Wix Chat and I"m not seeing any open feature requests for something like that here

I think you can accomplish something like this with forums, but not currently with user chat from what I know

Is there any way we can elevate my concerns? I mean, Wix is advertised as providing a paltform to over 200 million users worldwide. Id imagine with that large of an audience, that a user to user chat module that is provided to all websites would have some sort of ability for users to delete chat messages that are categorically not appropriate? I’d be happy with even the ability to stop a toxic message from being sent altogether, but unfortunatly im only able to do anything “onMessageSent” which implies that the message has already been sent (and subsequently already delivered).

For the feature requests to be routed to the appropriate teams you will want to go through customer care as they have a process in place to handle this more efficiently. To reach out and start the feature requests you will want to go to

I’m sorry I don’t have any more information about the chat api’s or what’s coming but support should be able to help you with that type of information

I will surely reach out them, I appreciate all your attention to the matter. Thanks again!

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