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The discord server is a dedicated space for Velo developers to engage with each other, share valuable insights, show off their successes, get help with their challenges, ask each other questions, get advice from each other and more.

While the forum is still the place to go to get quick help with your code and share examples to help lift up all Velo devs, we are excited to join in more conversations with you about all things dev!

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Also just to chat and stuff when anyone needs a break from designing or coding :slight_smile:

It’s giving us a bit of whiplash moving to and from Discord. Will it stick this time? Last time there were months and months of no communication via Discord.

I don’t see why we keep moving from the Velo Forum to Discord — back to forum — back to Discord again.

What is the purpose of the Discord when the Forum already exists?

Then we also have the Partners forum / FB group / editor x group / twitter community ------ so many places to go back and forth.

Why can’t we just have one central place for each product?

I agree, central please is must for connecting. Some will be here, some there and it will feel like I missed something if I am not on all three platform

A late answer but probably you downloaded discord for the first time. Discord and forum is not the same there is a big difference between each.

I want to get Velo Certification Badge of this Form @velo @amandam @sarahad @yisrael-wix


Why is the submit button not working here anymore? I tried 30 times to submit a video with my issues and wont publish

I’m unable to post a new thread to this forum. I hit the “Publish” button, the button changes to an ajax indicator for a few seconds, and then I get the Publish button again. Nothing is ever posted. Trying here to see if comments are working.

Yep, looks like commenting still works. Is anyone else having trouble with new posts?

Hi @judeosborn are you still experiencing this issue?


I’m unable to post on the forum.

I tried with 3 accounts and 2 IP to post but I’m unable.
I tried on 2 computer with Chrome and Safari.

The first time I put a link to the tutorial I used. I tried several times to post before I noticed that it is forbiden. I suppose now that I (IP and account) are blacklisted.

How can I post Now in Code forum ?


The forum seems to be broken for some people. I’ve had a bit of discussion from someone on Wix about this, but no solution yet. It was working a few days ago.

Hello! For this type of issue you will want to reach out to customer care to open a ticket. I’m sorry you are having some trouble right now, we do have a help section in the discord server you can hopefully utilize in the meantime.

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Hi is it possible for your site members to create events within in a group.

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I just signed up, but I don’t seem to have any problems publishing the post