More than 50 items win a repeater

Hi, I have a repeater linked to a dataset which has more than 50 items in it. Is there a way to increase the limit without coding? I haven’t used any code in all the setup.
If not is there any tips on what coding to use?

You can show up to 1000 items in a repeater at once.

Then you can use a button connected to the dataset to “load more” if needed. This will load the same amount again (so 1000 more if you are showing 1000).

Honestly though, showing too many items in your repeater is generally a bad idea, unless it’s a list of text for example. If you are displaying more complex stuff in your repeater it’s much better to show a small amount of items (15, 30 etc) and have a “load more” option, especially for mobile views. If you display a lot of image or video items at once it will crash mobile browsers like Safari and Chrome resetting the page and being really unwieldy, there’s no real solution to that unfortunately.

Thanks for the information. I tried what you advised and it seems to be working. When I tried to put in more than 50 in the past it was auto resetting to 50 so I assumed the limit was 50!
Anyways I plan to have around 120 images that I think should work okay without the load more option as it is just simple images for a catalogue.
Many thanks.

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