Show more on Repeater

How to put “show more” link on repeater? I want 6 contents to be displayed and the rest put in “show more”. Please help. Thanks.


1st - define the number of items to be displayed in the dataset settings panel:

2d - add a button that will used for “show more” items, connect to the same dataset and set a link to “Load more”:



Thanks Alexander! :slight_smile:


This is a really powerful feature if I can get it to work right.

So here’s what I’m working with.
Database that has around 20 items
Dataset that is set to display 4 items
Repeater that has several elements inside with the show more button beneath this repeater. Beneath this are more page elements.

When I preview (or publish), it loads the first 4 items in the repeater but it seems like it still allocates enough screen space to show all 20 items because below these 4 items there’s only blank screen space and I have to scroll way down to get to my button. Once I click the button, I scroll back to the top to see that indeed it is displaying 8 items.

How do I get it to collapse? the items that are not actually being shown or whatever is happening?

Also this is a pretty old thread, should I start a new one?

Yes please create a new post