Moving sites from one account to another.

When I first used Wix I created an account which I used for a personal site, then used that account for a couple of clients. Later on I created another account, (for reasons since forgotten) which is the account I have been using for the rest of my accounts. The two clients in the old account are both Premium. I would like to move those accounts to the main one and then deleted the old account but after searching for a way to do this I have drawn a blank. Any ideas please?

Create a ticket at the suppport-desk of Wix. I am sure they can help you out.

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Hi there, you would first need to transfer those sites from the account you want to delete, to your main account. You can do so by following these steps .

Once that’s complete, refer to this link for instructions on closing the inactive account.

Thank you. Both of the clients in the old account have their own Wix accounts and the ownership of the sites has been previously transferred to their accounts. So I need to transfer them to my account without affecting the sites at their end. Can this be done using the steps you linked to?

@zapmediawa Only the owner of a site can transfer it - so in this case, you will need ownership before you can transfer or the current owner will need to initiate the transfer. :slight_smile:

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The sites I have in my old account are just copies though, aren’t they, as the owners have the sites in their own accounts?