Multi-state boxes not working on mobile

I have multi-state boxes that work on desktop but do not on mobile. How can fix this or, how can I get the multi-state box to always be open on mobile? Thanks for any advice in advance.

Site is:
The affected pages are: Our Team and Our Fees.

Hi Christina,
Go to the mobile version and check if evrything is added to the page.
If its not added go to hidded elements and add it,
Also check if the element isen’t hidden on the page itself since it gives a white space on the page…

Kind regards,

Hi Kristof,

Thanks for getting back to me. I double checked and it seems the issue is that the strip that each multi-state is linked to, is affecting the buttons. I have managed to fix the About us page but fees are still not working.

As I have been using the strips as sections, is there a work around?


Update: They are now working. Didn’t do anything different to the strips (see reply to Kristof). So not sure why it wasn’t working and now is. Thanks.

Sometimes when changing something and publishing
it doesn’t affect when you just refresh.
Sometimes you have to go of the page and back again to see the changes.
Or it took a bit longer to apply for a mobile phone.