Multiple selection on radio button

Is there a way to select more than one selection in the radio button ?

or set 1 radio button with the value= null? or “” or undefined ?

i[m trying to make 1 radio button group with multiple selection
or some code to unselect , it this possible ?

Hey Duda,

A RadioButtonGroup is used to select one option from a group of options. For your purpose you should use a series of CheckBoxes . You can then set up as many options as you want, in whatever layout you want.

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yisrael thanks for your support

maybe have some code that can be done for disable de radio buttons
it´s that possible ?

I don’t understand your request. Radio Buttons are for choosing one of multiple choices. You need to use checkboxes for your purpose.

my need :
i´ve got a radio button group tha includes 4 choices
you need to select one to make a database query
but i need to diselect these choice , than the query search for all the choices

for that my need to select and deselect the choice of the radio button
is that any way to do this ?

Aha! Now I understand.

Take a look at RadioButtonGroup.value . Under Description it states:

To reset the radio button group to have no option selected, set the value property to null or undefined.

I hope that helps.

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Can i insert withou coding ?
like another simple button on Manage buttons - insert new button ?
i´ve tryed to set
label = ALL
value = null
but doesn´t work
value = undefined
doesn´t work too

or i need to put into code ?

Hi Duda,
Code is required in order to do
You can also set selectedIndex property to null.

But a checkbox will only output boolean. Can not get the text value from a boolean for field input

Hey @jeff-haskins , not sure what your problem is here? Can you elaborate?

I need an element on my forms that allows my clients to “select all that apply”, ie: they see a list of multiple choices, and have the option to choose one, or many. The Radio Button option allows me to create the list of the options I need to hear about from my clients, but it only allows one choice. Is there a different element I could use that I’m not aware of? Thanks!


Multiple-Choices possible.

Or you do it in a mix of checkbox and REPEATER, this way it even gets DYNAMIC.