radio button if checked do something

Hi, I have read some previous post about radio button management but I can’t do what I want. It is my first trial of velo…
If you check a radio button I want some text boxes to be hidden. This is what I wrote:
export function radioGroup1_change ( event , $w ) {
if ( $w ( “#radioGroup1” ). checked ){
$w ( “#input9” ). hide ();
$w ( “#input10” ). hide ();
$w ( “#input11” ). hide ();
The mistake is most probably evident… as it doesn’t work
Thanks for your help

Before working with a RadioButtonGroup , you should think about the structure of RadioButtonGroups in a few first steps.

How is a RadioButtonGroup structured?

-a group of buttons with just one possible choice (index-selection)
-can also hold values (one value choice)

When you look onto the given OPTIONS of the RadioButtonGroup, you will recognice, that there is no option for —> checked!

You will have to use for example —> “selectedIndex”

Take a look here —>$w/radiobuttongroup