My Categories page con not display all of my item

I have import a data with about 800 item. Recently i was creating a page that categorize all of those item separated by 24 different categories. Like, those categories are formed by 3 levels with 8 types. However, when i create my categories page, the page cannot show all of my 24 different categories (only shows 7). Also, when I create an item page, it could not show all the item neither. How could I solve that? thank you.


Take a look at these tutorials. They will show you in detail what needs to be done.


I know the process of creating Dynamic Page and I have already created it. But the problem is that they only show a part of my item but not all of them.

I really need help for that because it is probably a bug or something strange on it. Thank You.

Please sent your site URL so we can look in to it.

Hi there,
Here are the dynamic page:{level}/{type}
I have a few (mainly 3) levels and each level contain 7 type. After that , each type contain a few series,and each series contain several courses named with different code and name.

Those level are: 幼兒, 小學, 中學. And those type are: 學術及語言, 邏輯與思維, 體藝, 生活通識, 人力資源培訓 and STEAM.

For example, [/coursecatalog/中學/STEAM], [coursecatalog/幼兒/生活通識], [幼兒/STEAM], [小學/學術及語言].

I am wondering if there is problem when I imported my data or other problems. Thank you so much.

PS: Here is another problem that I thing I have solved , you may concern if it is related ,
Also, here is the file imported.

Is that the item shown in the preview mode is limited?

I was trying to debug any possible data bug due to the words of my data.
I tried to import my data separately. Then I recognized that after I import a new part of my data, there will be some data missing in the previous one. Will it be the problem that not all data will be shown or is there a limited number of data?

Hi, Education Maestro.

Do you was able to solve the problem?
I have the same problem here, but in spanish.

Any advice?

still, it cannot be shown in the preview page. seems like the wixdata function cannot display all of the item in the editor mode. However, the live site is okay with all the data. So if you link the page correctly, all item should be shown.
Keep in mind that some of your data may have bug because of “space”. Like, “apple pie” and "apple pie “or " applepie”.