My changes on a tablet are changing the desktop version. I don't want this

I changed a section grid into rows on a tablet and this affected the height of my cells and section grid on the desktop version. I can’t adjust the height on the desktop version now. Is there something I missed? Animations and effects adjustments were also changed from tablet to desktop. I thought changes only cascaded down.

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
I need to be able to change Section Grid to Rows on Tablet version without these changes affecting the Destop version. Same for animation & effect adjustments.

What have you already tried:
I tried adjusting the height of my section grid back to the original settings of the desktop version but it doesn’t budge or acts wonky… it affects the cells’ height in a weird way. I assumed changes on a tablet didn’t affect the desktop version because of hierarchy. I tried changing my animations/effects on the desktop to fix what the tablet messed up but then this cascades down. I’m going in circles here.

Additional information:
Wix Studio hasn’t been updating properly. I’ll make changes that don’t update and my only solution has been to delete elements and start again. I’m recreating the site for the web design certificate.

try applying advanced CSS grid. It gives you more control per breakpoint. Some items are affected through all breakpoints though.
Have a read of the below might help.

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thank you so much again! I was troubleshooting and it had something to do with the containers inside the section grid. The containers were determining the sizes across all breakpoints. Sometimes I couldn’t adjust the container size, so I just had to remove it and place the elements again without being inside a container. I’m still learning so I can’t give a better explanation of this all, but somehow I managed and hope it helps someone else. And the animation effects outcome was being affected by the size of the section. I just had to keep adjusting the section size so it looked the site I have to recreate. Not exactly intuitive here, but I found my way. Thank you again!!!