My Wix Code site dynamic page not working

I have under ID a site named ibmexibmqc URL
have to create an ID an password to get access to this site. From there, the new user must fill a profile that has to be approved by the web master before he will be granted full access to the site. My problem is with the data input to the profile.

This site was developped using Wix Code. and his Premium.

3 to 4 months ago, the site was working fine under different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc). During these months, nothing was changed to the site and no extension were added to the web browsers. I even did not connect to my site planning to launch the site to my members in the spring.

This site uses a dynamic page that enters data in the bd « ListeMembres » that I have created under Wix Code. This dynamic page is controlled by some coding on the page. Nothing has been changed during that period of innactivity and nobody else has admin access to the site.

I have tried several browsers and differents PCs and they all have the same issues. The dynamic page « ListeMembres Update (ID) » does not seem to connect. At the bottom of the screen at the left, I have these two repetitives messages that are displayed: Waiting for… and Waiting for… I find it strange a site named

If I try to enter data on this dynamic page, it is impossible. I have no virus on my PC, I have scanned my PCs using Defender from Windows and Malwarebytes. I did not find anything.

Did something changed in the last 4 to 5 months in Wix Code that could have affected the running of my dynamic page?
Is Wix Code still under beta?
Is there out there a service or an individual that could connect to my PC and see with me what is going on and possibly help finding a solution?<

Thank you for your understanding and help.
Pierre Lacasse

Can someone comment on this please?

I have another Dynamic page on the same site but this one works perfectly.

The Dynamic page that doesn’t work used to work fine 4 months ago and like I said, I didn’t change anything on it. It seems that all fields are not accepting data input. I confirm that every fields are connected to the DB ListeMembres.

Thank you for any advice you can give me

Pierre Lacasse

Hi everyone,
finally I couldn’t figure out what happened to my site.
I left it working flawless about October 2018 and didn’t touch it until now and the Dynamic Database ListeMembres wasn’t working anymore.

I restored my site to the version I had in October and now everything is fine.

What happened???

Pierre Lacasse

It’s a bug from the most recent update, Pierre. I would check back to look for workarounds or until it’s fixed.

David thank you for the update.
Any arguments you could suggest to look for a workaround?


David, problem is back. Can you help me find if a workaround or a fix exists?



I was about to officially lunch might site next week but will not. I am thinking of dropping it completely… I cannot rely on a code that change by itself… Work one day and not the next day…

Thank you! You are my last option.

Pierre Lacasse

@ibmretraitesqc @yisrael-wix @chaim-kram Any idea what this could be?

You should post your code here so we can actually see it. I don’t think it has anything to do with, your site is just loading during that process. What would be more useful is if you told us if any errors pop up in browser console.

Hi @ibmretraitesqc , I’m looking at your site and will consult with QA regarding your issues.

This has been sent to the developers for further investigation.

thank you very much. It is so strangle, I am not an experienced coder but this code worked and suddenly stop working.

In the live site, my form isn’t accepting any inputs.

Pierre Lacasse

Hi @ibmretraitesqc
Looks like this is an issue on Wix’s side. We are checking it with our developers.

The problem is with this piece of code, which does redirect to the current member page every time you load this dynamic page

You can try and comment out this line as a temporarily workaround, of course, if this is not interfering with the logic of your website.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, this issue was already addressed with our development team.

Thank you and sorry for inconvenience.

Aleksander Thank you,
I commented the line of code and tested and I does seem to work.
How will I know when the issue be corrected with the code?

@ibmretraitesqc Hi.

Just to ensure we are on the same page - this line of code, that you commented, was redirecting any visitor of this page to their own dynamic pages. That means it can affect the logic of your site, especially those flows where you let site visitors to access this dynamic page. So, before you launch your website, I’d recommend to test this kind of flows beforehand. If you see that something else is not working because of this line, please wait for the fix.

I can’t promise quick fix here, but I will update you once it is resolved.

Thank you.


thank you I will deeply test my site. So far couldn’t find something that doesn’t work as designed related to that dynamic page.

I have to do more tests before launching if I ever do before waiting for the fix.

Thank you for your great support!

Pierre Lacasse