Native android app with WIX

Hi All,

Is their an way where I can integrate Android app with WIX website.

Hello Saleem,

Can you be a little more specific as how you want to integrate these two things? It would be helpful if you showed an example/code sample as well.


if you want to incorporate a webview from Wix in your app that would be easy on any platform.

The requirement is to have an Mobile app which is integrated with “Bookings” app of wix and which allows user to select a item and book an appointment and pay for it in the app. Also the user will be able to login from mobile app to see the account details and his bookings.

Hope this gives you an understanding what I want to achieve.

Thanks & Regards
Saleem Khan


One possible solution to this is to have the mobile application synced to Google Calendar, and on the Wix website sync Google Calendars with the Wix Booking App, as the Wix Booking App has a feature for syncing with Google Calendars.

Let me know if this helps,