Need help creating a search function

My uncle runs a privately owned crematorium and he has asked me to help him make a reasonable website so i decided on wix because it would be easy for him to use to edit it himself he would like to add a function to the website so that the public can search the names of the people who have plaques up there and add pictures of the plaques so people can see and then come up and look in person if they wise i was just wondering how to go about this?

Hello Tim

Wix is perfect for your situation. To start I would start with watching video tutorials from the official Wix Documentation, Then when you are ready check out Wix Codes full capabilities by reading about the API here: Velo API Reference -

When you start to create the website, you can choose from one of our hundreds of templates to speed up the development of you website.

And finally whenever you run into problems, use this forum to post your questions and we will give you answers :slight_smile:


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But how do i create a feature so i can search through a list of people? without showing the entire list

Assuming you have your data in a wix collection, you can follow this tutorial here on how to implement searching:

There is a youtube video if you prefer that as well in the post.