Need help linking image to separate image gallery

Hi all

New Wix user. Stuck on how to make images on my portfolio page link to a separate image gallery.

duckrolldesigns . com

Goal here is to have one image per project I built on the portfolio page. Hovering over this image would allow you to click on it, which leads to an individual image gallery with amplifying pictures of the project.

On the back end I told Wix to link the image of the yurt to the yurt page I made. When I click on the yurt image. It takes me to an enlarged yurt image, clicking right or left to scroll takes you to other images in the gallery, not more pictures of the yurt.
*video link of the process I went through if it helps… . com/watch?v=TFXkpsnC8bk&t=3s

If you hover over the navbar portfolio link and see that drop down that says yurt… I want that link to be what happens when you click on the image on the portfolio page, and when you hover over the portfolio link nothing should drop down.

Viewing the profile page now shows a pile of project pictures since I’m trying to sort out how to manage these assets. I’ll get to changing filenames after I figure out where everything belongs.

Copy and images aren’t finalized ofc but if you’ve got an opinion, I’m always interested in the UE

Here’s a video of the process I go through trying to make this work…

I know I’m being horribly redundant here, just trying to give you the deets

Thanks so much! I’m having fun with Wix and already have plans for a couple other project pages soon.