Need to export a .CSV of subscriptions

Does anyone know of a way to export subscriptions, like you would export contacts/store orders? I have products in my store that are subscription-based but when I export those orders through the “orders” tab, I don’t get ALL the info from the order (specifically the DURATION of the subscription)

I need to be able to create a running list of folks who’ve purchased a subscription products based on the duration of their subscription. Right now, neither an export from “Orders” NOR “Contacts” gives me this info. The only way to get to it is through the “Subscriptions” tab which, for some reason, can’t be exported. :slight_smile:

Hi Anna,

You are able to do this by going to Store Orders>More Filters>Orders with Subscriptions.

Once you have filtered your orders you will be able to export them accordingly.

I have demonstrated below

That still doesn’t give me the duration of the subscription, unfortunately (I tried that earlier hoping it would work)

I need to be able to export directly from the “Subscriptions” tab, not the “Orders” tab (since the orders tab doesn’t show me the subscription duration…only the product name of what was ordered.

Hi Anna,

So sorry for the confusion. I reached out to a Wix Store Specialist who advised me the Subscriptions tab is using the Pricing Plan application and there is a way to export this information!

  • Go to the Reports page in your Wix site dashboard.

  • Click Table next to Sales by Item .

  • Select which columns are included in the report:

  • Click the column selector.

  • Select or deselect the checkboxes next to the columns to show or hide them.

Tip: Item Name refers to the plan name and Transaction Type indicates if it’s a recurring plan.

  • Download the report:

  • Click Report Actions at the top right.

  • Select Download .

  • Select a file format.

  • Click Download .

You can read more about this here: Pricing Plans: Viewing and Downloading Analytics Reports

Please let me know if this is works for you!

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Ohhhh I had not seen the “Select Columns” option! Thank you so much. That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you!

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The only issue I’m having with this is that when I request the column “Customer Name” it gives me an email address instead of the customer’s…name. ha Otherwise it’s great.

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