New Feature: Address Input

Now your site visitors can enter and search for addresses in the Address Input element!
They’ll receive address suggestions directly from Google Maps Autocomplete as they type .

You can find the Address Input Editor element under User Input in the Add panel.

What can you do with Address Input?

  • Display the entered address in a Google Maps element.

  • Calculate and recommend the branch of your business closest to your site visitor.

  • Filter and sort page content based on the entered address.

  • Build a custom form that accepts a physical address from visitors. No code required, simply connect the Address Input to a field of type address in a database collection.

Note that Wix Forms does not support Address Input yet.

Check out the AddressInput Editor Element API .

Important: You need to get your own API key from Google to activate your Address Input elements. Make sure to restrict this key to avoid fees. Learn how .

That’s it. We’re here for questions, and of course, feedback is much appreciated!
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hey! This is amazing and i have been so glad to have tested this for a while for you.

One thing that i have noticed: Why is the database address autocomplete different to the user input corvid autocomplete?

For example you can see here:

The address displays the venue name…(dashboard address selector once address is picked)

But when i pick the same address on the user input, it stores it like this

I can assure you we are even more glad that you had tested it for us! :slight_smile:
It was an extremely insightful Beta and we have made many changes based on your feedback, as well as that of others.

Thank you for reporting this.
I’ll let the team working on the Dashboard’s Database Manager know. The Editor’s Collection Manager seems to be consistent with the Address Input.

BTW, when a visitor enters “Ayr Racecourse” and selects the first suggestion from the list - what would you like to be displayed inside the Address Input, and what would you like to be displayed in the Data Collection?

@eyalc so on the DROPDOWN list of options on the User Input (Editor Element) it reads ‘Ayr Racecourse, Whitletts Road, Ayr, KA8 0JE, UK’ but upon clicking, it changes to ‘Whitletts Rd, Ayr KA8 OJE’

In the Database Manager, it displays on the dropdown selection with ‘Ayr Racecourse, Whitletts Road, Ayr, KA8 0JE, UK’ but upon clicking it stays as ‘Ayr Racecourse, Whitletts Road, Ayr, KA8 0JE, UK’

Just confused as it should be consistent.

In terms of what one it should be, i would say the the one displaying the address and not the business name, but i would LOVE the option.


Hi sorry for causing trouble. Can help me through this link I have provided. Thank you very much.

Hi, I see “J.D.” has already replied to your question. Please let me know if your have any further inquiries.

Hey @eyalc

Address input element is showing on top of the header (overlapping) even when ‘Sent to back’

Rest of the user input elements are not doing this.

Checking, thanks!

We’re investigating this.
Did this use to work? If so, when did you first notice it got broken?
Thanks a lot

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Hi, I have the same problem. The address input is overlapping even if I send it to the back (tested it on other pages).

@eyalc I don’t remember this being there at the time of launch and neither when the BETA was released. The first time I noticed it was around December 10th (when I posted this)

At first I thought this was a bug on only 1 site but then I tried it on a couple of different sites and it was occurring everywhere.

@shantanukumar847 @juancamilorodriguezr
We found the root cause of the issue and fixed it. The fix will be rolled out with the next Editor update, which is expected to take time no later than next week.

Note that we also learned a similar issue occurs with the pop-ups some Editor Elements open, namely: the Horizontal/Vertical Menu submenus, the Date Picker calendar and the Multilingual Language selection list.
This is not yet fixed; working on it.

Thanks a lot for reporting the issue!


Can work this Function in “WIX forum”???

@shan @juancamilorodriguezr Fix released. Would appreciate it if you check and let me know if indeed you are no longer facing this issue.


Hi @buntaide , could you please share more information about what exactly you are trying to achieve? Will do my best to assist you.

Hi Eyal, I think the problem is solved (I just checked it). Thanks

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@eyalc Issue fixed. Thank you for this!

Hi Eyal, awesome feature!

(edit) Works like a charm, thanks! Don’t know if it had anything to do with it but I changed the addressInput(first template) for another (third template). And it works perfect.

–I have put an addressInput on my home page, connected to Google API and a collection through a dataset. Now when the dropdown appears from Google and I click the address suggestion I wish to choose, that address doesn’t appear in the addressInput. And when hitting submitButton it gives validity error, as the Google suggestion is not moved to the addressInput when clicked so it doesn’t register a location value (I guess…) Any ideas?
No Corvid code on homepage at the moment.–

Hi Eyal, I was just trying this out, but can’t seem to enable the api on google cloud, which I was already loggin into via stackdriver site monitoring. I get the following message: IAM: you have insufficient permissions to enable or disable services and APIs for this project. Contact a project owner to request permissions.

Many thanks,