New feature alert: Calculation for Size Units

Calculate different units of measure , to customize your elements to look exactly the way you want.

I’m very happy to share that Calculation , a new sizing option in the Inspector panel, is now available in Editor X.
Now with Calculation you can use mathematical determination of the size to create much more complicated layouts and design, and combine different units.

For example, to ensure that a section will fill the full height of the viewport (100vh) together with a header that have exactly the same height in every screen size, set the section’s height to (100 vh - X px)

Tip: always keep in mind that the type of measurements you want to use depends on how you want elements to resize as the viewport width changes.

Please feel free to share your feedback :heavy_heart_exclamation:


You guys have been killing it with the css stuff recently! Great stuff!
Can’t wait to see what you guys are putting together with js & jQuery stuff too!


So powerful!!!


I think that a lot of us didn’t notice how this improvement is a game-changer for layouting in Editor X :fire::fire::fire:. Thanks a lot


Perfect keep going make a best as you can😍

For buttons, what would be the correct calculation code for "max content + XXpx)? I’m not a coder, so whatever I’ve tried isn’t working. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Checking but don’t believe you can use max-content for calculations.