New Feature Alert: Click Interactions and Extended Hover Interactions

I’m excited to share that new interaction features are available now to all Editor X users after a period of gradual rollout.

What’s New?

Click Interactions: You can now create interactions when a user clicks on an element (or taps on an element in a Mobile device).

Hover and Click Interactions on Any Element: You can now add Hover or Click interactions to any element, not just containers.

Interactions between Elements:
When a user hovers or clicks on one element, other elements can move, react, or change.

Customize Interactions per breakpoints:

You can customize the interaction on different breakpoints, either by customizing the effects per breakpoint, or by connecting entirely different effects to a trigger in each breakpoint.

You can also disable an interaction on a specific breakpoint.
To do this, go to the breakpoint where you want to disable the interaction, and delete the interactions underneath the trigger, leaving the trigger empty.

Enjoy and please feel free to share your feedback! :sunglasses: :cookie:


It’s fantastic news, and I’d want to thank everyone involved in the Editor X theme. Great job, Carmel & Editor X Team.

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Been waiting for this!

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Thats a great feature. :blush:

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Can we create effects without Triggers?

How would the effect work without it? Do you have any detailed example?

Okay…so how to enable this feature? I couldn’t find it at all.

here is the example:
What do you see from your side?

For example when the page load the effect will automatically activate.

nope, this feature is not related to hover and clicks, but this is nice suggestion, thank you for sharing

but maybe some code will help you in specific cases:
there may be two workarounds:

  • use two pairs of elements and use Velo to display the relevant one.

  • create an advanced Custom Element (the user can use this example as a basis, but we at Velo do not provide coding solutions and don’t assist with troubleshooting user’s code).

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Thank you, appreciate ur support:)

along with this, you can try uploading some transparent videos, or iFrames with some specific animation:
hope I did not miss something

Love it. Good start. Hopefully we’ll continue to see this expand further.

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Our Academy now has a tutorial on how to get started.

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Really wanting/needing/looking forward to the addition of scroll and mouse triggers. Hoping this is in the works. So we can tie interactions to scrolling and based on where the mouse is at. That open up SO much more functionality.

Also really hoping to be able to SAVE effects and use them across multiple elements/containers, etc.


Hello, I’m seeing an updated hover interaction interface today which I really like. But, when I add a hover interaction (text element changes when a section is hovered) then a random text element elsewhere on my page design is somehow then inheriting the text content of the text element involved in the hover. Thought you might want to explore this bug.

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I would like to dissable an interaction on mobile, but the advice to “leave it empty” does not work. The mobile inherits the interaction from other breakpoints and can’t be deleted, ubless I use “remove” and then it removes it from all breakpoints…
What am I missing?

I’m having lots of issues with interactions not working on mobile devices.