New feature alert: Fixed Scroll Effect for Masters

You can now set your Master sections’ scroll effect to Fixed!
A fixed section will stay in its position as the rest of your page is scrolled.

A reminder: Regular sections can also be set to the Fixed scroll effect.

Select your Master section, and from the Inspector, under the Scroll section, set it to fixed.

Keep in mind:

  • You can only have one section (regular or Master) set to fixed position from each side of your page, e.g. one at the top of the page, one on the left etc.

  • A Master section set to fixed position must be positioned at the same place in all pages it is displayed in.

Let us know your feedback on this feature :slight_smile:


Love this feature! Any idea when you’ll have “change header on scroll” or “viewport” from translucent to colored background with animation like a slide or fade?

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Hopefully header blur effect. It would be truly be a unique feature rarely seen on these web site building platforms. CCS coding is cumbersome compared to drag and drop, but please add these simple effects.

Blur is already present with shadow effect, it just needs to be used in order to blur the background while scrolling.

@travislbateman Tnx!
Scroll effects for headers - coming soon! Watch this space :slight_smile:


@thewaveregion This is not in the scope of the first phase of header scroll effects, but sounds like you’d be able to create very interesting designs with a blur effect. I’ll share this with the team and we’ll look into it. Tnx!

I will keep a close eye on it!! Also is there a way to do a “split” menu with a logo in the center?

Thank you for this feature… much appreciated.

Brilliant, has also fixed the hamburger menu issue too :grin:

Since you can create separate menus and display them in separate menu components - you can use two menu components, each showing half the site’s pages, and place the logo between them.