New Feature Alert: Section Background Media and Scroll Effects

Hello Builders :fire:

You can now add Background Images and Video to Sections, and add Scroll Effects , like Parallax and Panning.

You can also control the opacity of background videos , change image fitting options and focal points , and add a decorative pattern as an overlay.

At the moment all changes you make using this feature will apply across all breakpoints . We are working to bring breakpoint customization to you.

If you still want to customize the section background color and opacity differently in different breakpoints , or change the color of a section in a Hover or Click Interaction, just turn off the toggle in the inspector.

How to use:

  1. Select a section

  2. Click on the Design tab in the inspector

  3. Make sure the Media & Pattern toggle is On

  4. Choose a background image or video and overlay

  5. Select a Scroll Effect from the Floating menu

We hope you Enjoy! Happy to hear your feedback! :cherry_blossom:


Omg finally! We love you guys for making this a thing finally! Usually I wouldn’t praise a company for adding something that should’ve been there at launch, but when I check this out, I know I’ll be smiling all the way. Thanks team!


Great plug and play features. Thanks.
But it would be more usefull if we could use these scrolling effects with any element.


This is amazing thank you!

This is fantastic

Finally. But still missing the ability to choose the position for an original size images, like in the old editor.

Awesome!! Now just Lottie on Scroll and we’re there! ;-))


Hi @tal18574 , did you try setting the image to ‘Original size’ and editing the ‘focal point’? Next to the ‘Change Media’ button?



For real…Editor x needs to added native lottie integration…that accompanied with interactions and triggers would open up a whole new world. Hopefully it’s in the works after they implement interactions fully.

They need to catch up with their competitors:


Agreed! We are doing sites in Webflow now as clients demanding animations editor x can’t do. :frowning:

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:heart_eyes: :zap::dizzy:
Excellent, Wix I look forward to seeing more, thanks a lot

Great reason to love Editor X! Webflow’s bodymovin - Hi! :wink:

Add this to Containers too please! :smiley:


Does anyone know why I only see Fade In and Fade Out?

@davidbanuta5 If you only use color, you have fade in and out. If you add media (image/video) you will see lots more.

I can’t Wait for you guys to add Lottie Effects so we can use after effects to animate and export as a JSON file…


we’ve got a lot of queries on this one recently, all feedback was collected and we share it with our developers, yes you can use it with HTML embed, anyway I do hope that advanced tools will be released

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Fade Back shows a white background no matter what which means, if you aren’t using an image on a white background it will show white around the edges of the image. It should be the color of the background that determines the color not being white all the time.

Getting the same thing too.

Any idea @carmelsc @klarak ?