New Feature Alert: Stores Currency Converter

A Stores application widget that allows merchants to set in which currencies they want their visitors to view their product prices.

Note: It changes the currency preview and has no impact on the payment currency.


Is there a way to set this to default to a specific currency based on IP or actual location?

as I know, it won’t be possible, what do you think, @Rob ?

Don’t believe so @dave105 but sounds like good feedback to share to the team.

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Please do the same widget for subscriptions.

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suggestion received!

For Editor X , what are the business plans that can add the currency converter?

( Business Unlimited or Business VIP ) belong to Wix

As I can see, there are a requirement for Business Plan: To convert currencies, upgrade your Business Plan, which are Launch, Boost, Scale:

UPD: but Launch does not include converter, despite of being Business Plan.

Thanks for clarifying Taran,

Reason for asking this was because we’re already subscribed to “Launch” but currency converter still prompts to upgrade in order to add multiple currencies.

@pneumaspace-au The equivalent plans for Editor X are Boost and Scale . Launch doesn’t include it.

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I see Rob. Cheers

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