New feature: Conditional Forms

We are happy to announce that now you can create Conditional Forms on Editor X.

Conditional Forms allow you to create rules to toggle the visibility and requirement of fields on your Forms.

Each rule includes a condition and an action: If your visitor fills a certain field or leaves it blank (condition), another field in your form reacts accordingly (action). If you have fields with multiple selection, you can make your form react to a specific selection your visitor makes.

Here is an example of requiring visitors to confirm their email after filling out the email field:

You may begin creating your conditional forms from the Form Settings or the Field Settings.

We would love to hear your feedback on this and more requests for the forms on Editor X.



Thanks a lot for this release :muscle::raised_hands:.

…But I am a bit confused : this feature should allow them to build more advanced/complex forms. But at this day, it seems that we’re still missing some input components already available in the Wix editor.

I have always thought that inputs were a bit related to Wix forms. But perhaps that I am totally wrong. Can we expect to get those missing soon ?

Thanks in advance for your answer :pray:


Thank you for this update. Editor X is becoming more and more interesting.

Keep up!

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Vitika, thanks for the kind comments.

We are working on the input components, More should be available soon.

We would love to hear what components are most important for you, thanks!

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What about Multi-Step Forms? Its taking very long for features to be released. There has only been 2 feature releases in the past 2 months, and both of those releases have not been game-changing. I waiting for Wix to create some real competition with WordPress and Webflow. Need access to CSS please. Does Wix need to hire more developers? I’m not sure but I don’t see Editor X gaining new features fast at all. :((



I would say “Adress Input”, “Rich Text”, “Selection tags”, “Slider” and “Switch” (in this order). And I don’t know if it is included in the inputs, but “Progress Bar” and “Pagination Bar” are very important too, and not only for forms . Thanks a lot in advance.


@sebi-vidret - I have been using Conditional Forms on a few sites on the standard editor, so thank you for bringing them to Editor X.

One thing I feel would be really helpful is to allow Wix Automations to have a trigger based on one of these conditions selected.

For example:
A company has a contact form with a dropdown that is conditional.
One conditional selection is: Volunteer and the user completing the form enters the rest of the input fields that appear for the Volunteer-based rules.
Now, in Wix Automations, only the Specific Form can be chosen as a trigger for an action like Emails or Tags.
However, since we have conditions, we could have a trigger for “Item selected from Dropdown”.

Thanks for letting me share! Happy to discuss further to help clarify.

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@studio-shapeshift Absolutly right. Also VAT ID would be nice. Synced with the Lead VAT ID. And Adresse not all in one like the Lead form Contact is. Street/Postal Code/Region/Country.

If you know this is also an amazing Editor. Wix you can learn a lot form them.

What i really miss also at the Forms are Calculations. And if more pages in one Form. So if the user finish one site and he select and Drop Down opiton A than he came to page 2 at the same Form and fill all for option A if he take option B he cames to a Form with Option B.

Or a Step by Step Form. First you ask contact date from Customer if Finish page 2 form Form open Than you ask question about the pain of him if finish page 3 open than you ask about Budget if finish he cames to wix booking and can book an apointment.

Or something like make a review and the colected Data If somebody give 1-3 Stars this will not show at Repeater just the 4-5 Stars.

In my Editor X i can’t find this new feature. When I press Form settings that option isn’t in the list. What am I doing wrong?

I’d like to see any and all features you can implement from videoask or typeform both are pretty solid at conditional logic but the different input fields aswell like selecting images, implementing a calculator just to name a few. Looking forward to taking advantage of this! was bummed to find out it wasnt implemented when I first made the switch to editorx currently use typeform because of it.

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Hi, I’m having trouble with the spacing between tabs in my forms when I add conditional rules. I have set specific tabs to appear/ show when certain checkboxes are checked, these tabs are hidden otherwise. This works fine in preview mode (no gap) but in the published version of my site there appears to be a huge gap where the hidden content is. Not sure if this is something I’ve done wrong on my end but I can’t seem to fix it and it happens every time I set conditional rules.

Hi, we are sorry for the complications. Can you please share with us a screenshot of the issue?

Thanks for the feedback! If there is anything else that you think we need to implement, then please let us know.

Hi we are aware of this issue and we are investigating the cause. Once we have an update we will post on here.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to have the multi-step form out soon!

Hi we have shared this with the team that is responsible for this feature. We will consider how to implement into Editor X.

Hi Thanks for your feedback!
We suggest that to keep up with our product updates, you go over to the “Updates & Releases” panel in the Editor (under Help).

Here you can see our updates we have something new to share almost every week!

We plan on implementing the multi step forms in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!

@studio-shapeshift thank you for feature requests! Select tags was just released earlier last week. The rest of the inputs are being worked on simultaneously.

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@communityxteam I have seen it !!! Thank you so much for your dedication in understanding us, the users, and working hard to improve the X as fast as possible. Thanks for all & Keep up the good work :star::star: