New Feature: Shared Libraries

Hey builders :wave:

I’m excited to announce that you can now Share your Libraries with any individual.

Turn on Library Sharing and send an email or a link to your friends or share it with others.
Also, your teammates will immediately have access to a shared library, and their permission can be changed through Roles and Permissions.

Anyone who accepts the library will be able to use the Assets and Styles saved in it, and they will receive any library updates from you.

You’ll now see a “Shared” icon next to libraries that you share , and libraries that are shared with you will be placed under a new category “Shared with me”.

Enjoy and feel free to share you feedback, and libraries :wink:


:exploding_head: Keep up the great work!

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And all these updates mean that Editor X is becoming more and more a very great platform. Keep Up!

I love to see new features, the way these updates are coming means that there are so many other great features coming soon.

Editor X is my website builder of choice.


:heart_eyes: very good I love it