New SEO Tool: Site Inspection

After running the new site inspection tool on my website, most pages were:
Valid / Submitted and indexed.

A few pages were:
Excluded / Discovered - not currently indexed.

Does anyone know how to rectify the excluded pages, please? Thank you.

Kind regards,

Nice to see you are using the tool.

What were the pages that were not included? Some pages like member-only pages and password protected pages are usually not indexed since they require validation to see.

Hello Roberto,
Thank you for responding so quickly. The pages not indexed are not the type you mentioned. They are public pages of the website other than a subscribed newsletter page. Please see attached screengrabs. Thank you.

Got it and thanks. I found a bit more about this tool and can see that the specific status indicates that Google found the page but decided not to crawl it. It seems they decide to recrawl it at another time.

In this case, you can request for them to be reindexed by using the Index Status Report or the URL Inspection tool .

Hello Roberto, thank you very much for your suggestion and time. I’ve already tried this, but no luck yet. I’ll wait a few more days and see what happens.