No cancel and refund option in Wix Website Editor

When any user places and order in your store and there is no cancel or refund option on wix.

There one in dashboard but there only admin can cancel or refund.
But how will any user can issue cancellation of refund??
If there is any way please tell


Your issue is with the Wix Stores app and is not code related which is what this forum is for.

To get more help on your issue, then please read Wix Stores own support pages or contact Wix Support about it.

As you say, only Admin can cancel an order and issue a refund, so you need to provide an easy way for your clients to contact you to cancel an order and request a refund, provided it is a suitable reason for it.

You might want to add a policy checkbox to your checkout page to, so that clients have to agree to it before checking out their order.

Hey Yash Thakur! Did you find any solution for the problem? If yes please help

You can build your own cancel/refund/return app using Corvid APIs like I did on my website.

@Ahmad, I dont have any idea about that… Will you please guide me the process? I am not an expert of coding/corvid.

please send the link of demo app.