No code changes - pages fail


Have not changed the code in weeks.(on the page in question).
Today one critical page fails to load properly - same for the backup.

New changes under the hood for Wix/Corvid?
I can see subtle changes in the UI, clicking menu items, etc.
The credentials in the backend for your testing purposes should still be there.



  • The vector graphic that’s a progress circle is failing across the site.

  • On the site I mentioned above, the repeaters won’t display data.

  • General glitches: random collection read write fails.

  • Both SYSTEM pages fail - matrix is clickable and shows data when clicked in the right boxes. It all fails.

  • “Lists | JrMan (P)” - that page’s switch input element on the top right fails. Not selectable any more.


Tried to add a Wix progressbar - they are not available under + user input.


Complete twilight zone - dozens of random errors - cannot even discern what they are.
The monthly unscheduled Wix meltdown …


Fuming. About to pull the plug.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. This might be related to a new system release. I changed a setting for your site and it should be OK now. Give the site another try.

I’ve passed this on to QA and dev mgmt for further evaluation.

Thanks - the user pages are working again as before, but now my “tools” pages that crunch numbers on a monthly basis fail miserably. It took a dozen tries to finish.

It would be nice to know ahead of time that a stealth " new system release" is about to melt down the user experience with dozens of errors - instead of hearing from users about the melt down …


I have only one page with repeaters (SYSTEM).
Worked fine for while, since the latest twilight show the last three days, it fails.
Maybe you have some insight on what is happening - thanks.

Your site is excluded from the latest changes so they will have no effect on your site. No reason you should be having problems.

Please try again. If you are still having problems, let me know what page and what I need to see the problem and I’ll take a look. I’ll also send this on to QA for evaluation.


Site seems mostly back to normal.
I have a vexing problem with my number crunching pages.
I placed instructions and creds in the backend.

The number crunching pages used to work fine - the only annoyance was how long it took (in-browser calculations).

Starting with Wix Turbo, occasional random errors started occurring.
Now … it’s and error-fest, and calculations rarely finish.

These errors terminate the calculations at random points (0-69)


Old problems, starting anew today / last few days:

  • TODAY: site slow as molasses - barely usable or functional.

  • Last few days: The editor fails to function several times per hour - it suddenly cannot communicate with the Wix server, while on a Gigabit connection, and the “Publish” button cycles endlessly. This started happening right around Covid times, and it usually meant I was mysteriously logged off and disconnected from Wix, while coding on a page. After opening a new Wix tab and logging in again, the tabs that were failing (dashboard, editor) recovered - they went back to functioning normally.

Now , after said failure, I open a new browser tab, and the Wix dashboard loads up right away - no login required. The other tabs that failed (dashboard, editor) continue to fail, and I just have to close them, and lose whatever changes were affected.

Again, this happens several times per hour.

  • Also, starting with Corvid or Covid (can’t remember which exactly), at all times, but especially when the site is operating in quicksand mode (slower than slow), Wix Corvid seems unable to run a loop with a simple await function doing a collection lookup. It may do it error free, or it may not.

If you have multiple collection lookups, the loop, and therefore the associated page, are doomed to an error fest and a failing page. I have spent significant time changing code to test if eliminating await promises and going with .then promises works better, but it is the same lousy result.

All that, with pages that ran mostly problem free for about two years, until now.

I am sending this update to QA for evaluation.

Since Wix is such a good value when it does deliver, I have started on a work around - code the long calculations with python, then upload the result to the Wix collection(s). However, even that will not eliminate all collection lookups with the Corvid API.

Given the limitations (Node JS, Wix wrappers, no server side calculations) I can live with the slow calculations - as long as they conclude error free, which they did for about two years.

Pages won’t load at all … random errors, occasional “Waiting for …”


Yesterday the same problem from the original post above re-occurred.
UI changes, etc., and the two of the main pages fail.
Page called MAIN loads, then the tables disappear.
Page called SYSTEM loads, but the repeaters are blank/wrong.

Can you please have them restore the site to the previous state/system/OS?

It’s been reconfigured and should be OK. Give it a try now.
Hopefully things can get worked out soon and you’ll get the speed as well.

Happy New Year everyone - looking forward to a working upgrade with improved speed.

Sorry to report that the site is failing again - the usual.
No code changes, pages with strange errors that seem to come and go.

The site loads OK for me. This might have been a temporary system or network glitch. Are you still having issues with your site.?

No changes in code to these failing pages:
The Velo editor now highlights all kinds of variables in red.
Example: SYTEM, starting with line 346:

Property 'myVar' does not exist on type 'any[]'.

I looked at the SYSTEM page, and from what I can tell, most of the errors are due to typing. On line #52, you declare user and initialize as an empty array:

var user = [];

The variable user is now the Javascript array type.

Then, in line #166, you again initialize to an empty array, and then set to User:

user = [];
user = JSON.parse(tempUser);

The variable user is still considered an array.

When I tried declaring user without forcing a type, most of the errors disappeared:

var user = null;

There’s over 2400 lines of code on that page which is a lot to decipher.

@yisrael-wix ,
First - thank you very much for taking the time to look at my spaghetti code and responding so quickly.

Two weeks ago I did not have a single piece of code in the entire site that was flagged in red. Red flags are usually fatal, with a few exceptions.

This week, the entire site if flooded in red ink.
Looks like Velo unleashed the type-gestapo plugin, and apparently I had some offending assignments.

I still have a bit of cleanup to do, but the site works again - thanks for your quick assistance.

Interesting detail:

This line was either corrupted or missing, throughout the site:
session.setItem(“sessionID”, sessionID);

Interesting, but I wasn’t aware of a new parsing release. Then again, they certainly don’t check with me first.

Perhaps it was just a temporary system glitch. Did the errors just go away, or did you make any code adjustments (eg. like the one I pointed out)?