Old website does not fill screen on PC but sits narrowly in the middle

[I run a small business and was just hoping to update my website which was made with a template in 2018. Currently all content sits very centrally with lots of empty space on a large screen, modern websites tend to fill the screen. I think that is because the template is not ‘dynamic’. I have made a copy of my website to work on and update before swapping it out. When I used the wix editor preview button, the image fully stretched the website to fill the screen. However now that I come to publish the page then the published version shows as small and centrally located again. This undoes a lot of my work because I designed to the ‘preview’ version. Is there a way to change this behaviour so that the template fits to the screen as it does in the preview? If not, and I need to recreate a website from scratch to obtain a dynamic screen filling format , is there a tool / process to do that? ]

I believe I am using wix editor.

Many thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to respond to this question.


Hi there,

The classic Wix editor is pixel based, which means the layout maintains fixed, predefined proportions that do not adapt to the user’s screen size. Which is why, Wix has come up with a new, modern editor called Wix Studio, that allows you to design ‘responsive’ websites, i.e. ones that adapt and scale based on the user’s screen size. Along with that, Studio offers a bunch of other cool features such as custom scroll interactions, animations, etc.

You can check it out here:

Thank you for the answer. Seems a lot of money simply to host an everyday website. If it means that I have to start from scratch just to get a more modern looking site I think I need to look around at other providers. It is not good that the preview function doens’t actually act as a preview to what the website will look like. Feels like a con. Unhappy news but useful response. Thankyou.

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