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Can someone give me a simple coding to create online store by using wix code ?? really needs it… pls

Hi Silmi!

At this point it’s not possible to integrate any of WixCode features with verticals (WixStores, WixBookings or so)
It will be developed (for sure) but i can’t give you any estimations “when”.


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one more thing

can I develop my own online store by not using wixstore and other else?? is it possible??


No. You can recreate logic of store using WixCode - i mean process of changing pages, logic between them

But with current state of product you can’t add payment possibility for user, for example
WQe’re going to give users ability to build store by themselves, but this is just developed right now

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so you can recreate online store by using wixcode right??

Dear Silmi, as i said before, you can create logic of store - create collections for orders, buyers, shpments,goods, pages for displaying catalog, single goods, cart, shipment page, payment page (WITHOUT PAYMENT, as it’s not possible right now), logic for transitions between such pages, moving goods from one collection to another and a lot of such stuff.

But our company actually already created this - product called WixStores.
Why would you want to duplicate this? And we won’t help you with coding this, you will have to code it by yourself.

In near future, we’re developing integration between existing stores product and wixcode - so that you can change it’s logic to fit your needs. But there is no such integration right now

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And, just to add - i can swear it won’t be " simple coding " as you asked in first post.


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thank you for your help