Open iOS App through Link?

How do I redirect to a different app?
I tried both setting a button link to to an app scheme and just the wixLocation. Is there some other way to do this?"myappscheme://")
$w('#button1').link = "myappscheme://" 

But neither seem to do anything, and I get errors in preview mode saying it’s not a supported link type? And to clarify, you cannot add https:// to the beginning of iOS app schemes.

You are getting “errors in preview mode saying it’s not a supported link type”, because it’s not a supported link type. Refer to the and for the list of supported link types.

@yisrael-wix I see, but how do I get it to open my application then?

@lukedrushell You can’t. Opening applications from a Wix site is prohibited for security reasons and to prevent abuse.

As far as I remember if you use shortcut it can work.
It also works if you open it via an iframe.
(I might be wrong, but I think I tested both ways in the past).

@yisrael-wix What? How do other sites do it then? I just want to open my app like plenty of other sites. It even seems to be a supported feature in JS through either the route I’m doing or through window.location, which wix doesn’t support for some reason. Why can’t wix do it?

Did you ever figure out a good way to do this?