wixLocation. to custom app url

Hey I am trying to use javascript to redirect some users to an app (if installed) though javascript.
I am currently using wixLocation to redirect to funfact: //?pass0=heyo&pass1=test.*

This is an odd url scheme but it is a correct one. (If I load this straight into safari it works correctly and opens the app).

However, if I call this url string through wixLocation .to('funfact: //?pass0=heyo&pass1=test') [u];[/u]
I get this error message:
UnsupportedLinkTypeError: Unsupported link type with the message ‘Unsupported link type’.

Is there another method I could try calling or someway to bypass the wixLocation wrapper? Is this even possible?

When I try to redirect via window .location I get the error that window variable is unassigned.

*I am not allowed to post links in the forum, so I added a random space to each “url”

Thanks for any help! :smile:

Accessing (redirecting to) an app installed on the host hardware is not supported. See the wix-location.to() API for supported URLs.

Okay, thanks for the quick feedback!

Try inserting inside the text element using the ‘html’ property.

How would I do that?

Using velo
$w(“#textelement”).html = “