Opening and filtering a page based on a button press

I’m really new to Wix, but am trying to help my brother out with a site. He rents out furniture and props for events. We don’t want people purchasing on the site as we need to confirm availability before booking - so I am using content manager.
I have a page that lists all the categories for the products he has. I want people to be able to click a button and the stock page opens with a filter dependent on the button they click (eg. click on the button “coffee tables” on the range page, and the stock page opens listing all the coffee tables.
I’ve done quite a lot of searching and it is looking like I will need to write some code - (which I have also tried and failed at). Is anyone able to provide any advice at all? I’ve included screen dumps so hopefully you can understand what I mean!
Many thanks

So as i could understand, you are working with → Wix-Sores???

If so, take a look here… to see which APIs are provided for Wix-Stores…

…especially the Wix-Stores-Backend, should be the right place to search i think…

…and yes, looks like you will need to CODE.

Thank you, but no, I’m not using Wix Stores - I’m using content manager

I’d be tempted to put everything into my database with a column category for chairs, tables etc, one for button label and one for button link (as well as all the other item info). Then, set up a repeater for Seating (akin to the layout in your first screenshot) with a button. The button label is fed from your button label column in the dataset and the link is set to the page link (dynamic pages might be useful too). The dataset feeding that repeater can then be filtered to only the seating category. Then add a repeater for your tables (top screenshot) and do the same (new dataset feed on the page for that) and so on for each top category. No code needed I’d say.

Hi Tracey,
Thank you. I’m sorry I don’t understand though. I have a collection called Category and within that I have the button label field (eg Seating, Arches…)
I then have a column in my Stock collection for each item’s category.

When you say a button link, do you mean have a field within the Category collection that contains a link to the required filtered stock page? I can’t find any way to include filtering information within a link.

Or I have a page for each of the categories? I was trying to avoid this as it means if there are any changes to the page I would have to change them all and would be hard to manage.

Or have I just completely misunderstood - which I suspect is more likely the case!!
Thank you!!

I have a similar issue
I have a dynamic page with data set and I have dropdown menu to filter the repeater
I have buttons at the home page I need to link it to this dynamic page and also the dynamic page open with the dropdown menu chosen a specific choice