Organising Pages

On the page menu on the side of the editor (not the actual website menu), is there a way to Group Pages or have them in dropdowns so they are more organised for me to see and find the page I want to edit? If not, is this being looked as as I have loads of pages and its annoying trying to have to scroll down to find the one i want to edit?


There is a similar post in this forum that might wanna take a look at

Currently, there’s no such option that can let you arrange the pages in the way you want, but I hope they’ll add it soon.

I hope so too, its such a shame :frowning:

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for your feedback. Currently there is no option to group pages, but we are working on adding this feature as we know this is a common feature request people ask for.

Please stay tuned for updates and let us know if you have any other feedback for us.

This is so inconvenient and confusing! Please fix this soon!

DO you have a ETA on this yet? It’s one of the major downsides as I have a many page website and hard to spot the page I need easily?


Hello, its been a whole year, when will this becoming?

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Custom Page Sorting and Grouping really need to be added ASAP. As someone has said, anything above 5-10 pages and it becomes a nightmare to manage a site…

I’d also suggest adding a special ‘dormant’ pages group , whereby any pages dropped therin are taken out of the live site structure altogether in one single action (drag drop), but can still be worked upon for addition back into the live site pages group at a later date.

Would be great to get an update on this - its been a good couple of years since the issue was acknowledged. As others have said, if you have a fairly large site, it becomes tricky to find the page you’re looking to edit.

love the dormant pages idea