Page displays when on 'Preview' but not when 'Publish'-Help?

Hallo Wixer,

I have created a team page for my website following this link: My page has two parts, the top one is strip containing a description and the bottom one is a gallery that is connected to a dataset. On the ‘Preview’ mode, the output is great and looks like what I want (image below):

However, when I clicked on ‘Publish’, the page does not display the image gallery anymore (see image below).

Can you please tell what is the issue? And also how to overcome it.

Thanks very much and I look forward to reading from you.


This is usually a problem with:
a) syncing the database to Live. Publishing only copies database schema, but not the content
b) permissions on the dataset

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Hi Giri,
Thanks very much for your suggestions. My problem was a)
It works now!!!
Best regards,