Page links in site redirecting to homepage

Hi, my site is, it’s fully functioning apart from a major problem, whenever i share a link it always redirects to the homepage. for example,, the page loads for 2 seconds then goes to the homepage. How do I fix this?

Yes, same for me. How do I fix it really?

I had the same problem. Figured it out though. If you’re using the Wix Language Menu, go into the settings and click the Redirect Tab. It defaults to “Automatically redirect all visitors by their language”. I set it to No Redirect and that fixed the issue for me. Hope that helps.

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Hi @sabrinaaini , have you figured it out?

Hi! Yes I have! It was exactly that, so thanks again!

I have the same exact problem. I tried to change the settings in the Wix Language menu to “No redirect” but I don’t know how to save the new settings. When I reopen the language menu it keeps going back to “Automatically redirect”… anybody can help?

Your issue is not code related and should therefore be directed to Wix Support instead.

As you are using Wix Multilingual, see their own support pages.

if you are still using the old app, then you will need to migrate over to the new Wix Multilingual as shown here.