Page size inconsistancies


I just made a new site, under a new Wix account, for the first time since creating my original Wix site (approx. 1 year ago)

The new site home page with:
8 Images (no external compression methods)
500+ words
3 different fonts
10 internal links
a social bar

came to a page size of approx. 328kb, tested using multiple external audit tools

This is much smaller than my regular sites home page of approx. 980kb

as a test, I deleted everything from my regular sites home page, except for a single sentence, and it came to a page size of approx. 460kb

How is it that a page full of content (with scrolling of approx 4 screen sizes), is larger than a blank page that fits on a single screen

Does Wix save small bits of unaccessable data (I have checked the layers panel) that contributes to the page size with every edit?

If so, it may be worthwhile to completely start a new site rather than editing a previous one

EDIT: I created a new site with the same content that was on the edited page of 460kb,

and the result came to approx 190kb leading me to believe that there is some form of hidden data from previous edits causing an extra 270kb

my next test will recreate the original 980kb page content on a new site - results pending.

Results of recreating my 980kb site, duplicating the content exactly by saving it to my designs, and than adding it to the new site without any manual editing:


leaving approx 430kb unaccounted for and changing my page load speed from approx 2.5s to approx 0.4

my last test will attempt to re-create the page exactly, on the same site to see if the savings are built into the page independantly, or the site as a whole - results pending.

results of recreating a page on the same site, is that the size was the same.

I have to conclude that the third party tools that are meant to be measuring a single page are doing so, however the page size is somehow affected by the other pages on my site.