Paid plan duration by calendar year or month

Is there a way to set a paid plan to expire by a certain date? Such as by the end of each calendar year? Thanks

Hey there! You can set up paid plan expirations by following these instructions Pricing Plans: About Recurring Plans | Help Center |


The article didn’t address this… The specific request example would be:
A “2020 paid plan”
Set to expire on Dec. 31, 2020.
The current option is only for a year duration, which would go into February of 2021 from the current date.

@stevenjose I have this same question. The article linked does not answer the question

Hi James, maybe this article will help.

Click on the Change the duration of a plan section.

Hi there, this article includes the information you’re looking for under the Change the duration of a plan section.

I’ve added a screenshot for reference.