Paid Plans (Direct customer to specific page)

My question is related to the Paid Plans area.
I understand that we can not customize the form a whole lot.
However, I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of or disable the “Got It” button.
Since we can’t control where this button directs people (by default it takes them to the home page) I created a custom button on the top of the page instructing people to click on and go to create a profile so they don’t skip creating a profile. But some people still click on “Got it’ because it’s intuitive. They end up with not creating a profile and then send us a note telling us they do not see themselves on the Member Directory although they made a payment.
If I can simply remove or disable the Got it button it would solve my problem.

@info52 will you’ll have the time to have a call? I want to understand better what you’re trying to do here :slight_smile:

Hi Noa.
I am in Seattle (PT). Available all day for a call today. My Skype email is

Hi Noa. My client came back with a request to follow up on an issue that is result of this problem. When a user makes a payment in the Paid Plan section they see a button that says “Got It”. This button takes them back to the home page and this results the new paid member to leave the process without completing the custom profile form. I need a solution that directs user to the “Profile Form” once they make a payment. Right now I made a work around by adding short instructions to the very 1st page of the payment process. (see screenshot above) However, people still tend to forget and leave the process after making a payment. Meanwhile, the client/website owner is unaware whether the new member filled out their form or not.Please advice. Thank you.

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