Parallax doesn't seem to work

Sorry if this has been talked about. Can’t seem to find the issue in older post.

Found the 3 dot setting with the gear and set it to parallax.
Parallax doesn’t seem to do anything. image moves the same as if nothing is selected. Is there an adjustment I’m missing?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Hey @anightamongghosts ,

No worries about the question and if anything, this will be here for others. If you set up the Parallax view , the image will move on the live site. You can see it in action below.

If you’re not seeing it, might need to make the section bigger.

Thank you Roberto, really appreciate the help. I noticed when I went live, it works in desktop and tablet but not in mobile mode. Is that accurate, or is there something else?

@anightamongghosts Glad it’s working on desktop and tablet. It was working fine for me on mobile. Again, it does require some height to see so if the section isn’t very tall, the effect might not very apparent.

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