Partner Round Table: Introducing the New Get Feedback Tool

Come join our round table discussion where the team will be introducing the new Get Feedback Tool!

Partners, this tool will help you streamline the feedback process with your clients, so join us and learn all about its new features on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST.

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Fingers are crossed—big time—that content built using database/sets will display on Get Feedback sites.

I am building more and more with dynamic content (many times entire pages) and it’s so frustrating to send a client a Get Feedback site and there are empty gaps all through the site.

I end up having to send screenshots and say, “trust me…it’s there” a lot.


Great job Lillie and Brett. Love the Get Feedback tool and the new improvements.:heart: Pinning to specific elements so viewing in different screen sizes keeps the comment attached to the element would be so amazing.

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Thanks to Jill and Michiel for their support in this!

Sharing this with the team! :slight_smile:

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Sticky nodes are a big deal. It’s been a problem forever.

Also…any word on database content being visible to a client looking at a Get Feedback site?

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We’ve experienced similar issues. Clients sometimes need to look at the live site and the feedback site simultaneously to overcome some missing repeater content. This is such a great tool we want to rely on it more and more.

Hello Wix Team
The function seems very interesting to me on the Wix partner side. I can see how to use it, in particular to validate a graphic template to a client.

The question about the screen size is really good and seems very strategic to me.

If we could go even further in the operation I would add that the feedback can integrate the Wix Workflow. I can clearly see this feedback stage between client and designer, so after the client is validated, in the Wix workflow tool we move on to a next step (uploading, integration of texts, etc.)

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It would be a nice addition if you can turn on/of the possibility to get feedback via commenting so that you only can just share the getfeedback-url of the new site before publishing it.

Some clients prefer not to give feedback via commenting but just want to see the site or changes you made before you publish the site.

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Thank you all for your feedback! :slight_smile:

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I wish all of my clients were efficient in providing feedback on their get feedback site, but they are not. So, I get texts and emails at the most inconvenient times saying their link has expired.

It would be great to have the ability to toggle off this “feature” of expiring links.

I have been BEGGING for atimeframe limitation to be added to the feedback tool for the past 18 months.

I’m soooo disappointed it wasnt added to this update:(

Interesting. Something like a deadline or expiration tied to automations to alert clients?

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That would be great, too - but I would like to be able to send the feedback link to a client and have it expire within a time period I set (for example 3 days) so that the client doesn’t have access to the link for the entire 2 weeks:)