Personal Portfolio

Let me know what your thoughts are about the website. It’s my personal portfolio. All comments, good or bad, are highly appreciated!

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Oh my God! I loved it. You really inspired Kelly. Thanks for sharing.

J’ai oublié te dire que je parle français aussi. J’habite au Québec. Je vois que tu es Web designer. Alors, je suis en train de dessiner le site pour mon église. Peut-être que tu pourras me donner des bons conseils car je vois que tu es bonne dans le domaine. Merci encore. :smiling_face:

Hi Kelly. I liked your site … well done!

I have a few minor observations.

I think you could open up the leading in your paragraphs a little. I had a hard time reading them on my phone.

When I first opened the site, I tapped in various places to view your projects. It wasn’t entirely clear where to tap. I suggest either making the entire black box a hyperlink or making the current link more like an actual button. I also tapped several times on the logos at the bottom of the screen thinking they would take me somewhere.

One last but very minor thing… Parisian born is at the very beginning of your bio…not sure how that directly relates to your skill as a designer? Are designers born in London or Toronto or Berlin any different in any specific way than you? Maybe. I am not a web designer. I think your Paris background is something interesting about you, but I am not sure it should be the very first thing I read about you. (On the other hand, you may have had other good reasons for placing it at the beginning of your bio).

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