Pinned image in background

I was trying to pin an image to keep it in the same place in the background when scrolling the rest of the content. However whenever an item is pinned it’s automatically brought to the foreground by default and cannot be placed behind other unpinned objects. Is there any way to work around this? Thank you!

If I correctly understand what you’re aiming for, you don’t want to use ‘pinned’. Instead, leave the position type setting as ‘default’, then go to the image settings and choose a scroll behavior of ‘Reveal’.

Sorry if the original question wasn’t clear. That doesn’t solve the issue. The idea is to have the image stationary while the rest of the content scroll with the page, pinning is the tool but the question is IF it is possible for pinned objects to be sent to the back , and if so, HOW? Thanks :slight_smile:

OK, let’s see if I understand now.

Below is a link to a page with the behavior I think you’re describing – the image is stationary in the background while the other page content scrolls over the top of it.

Is that the effect you’re trying to achieve?

I must be doing something wrong :frowning: I can see it working the way I would like mine to but even with the image settings set to like you had suggested it’s still scrolling with the rest of the content >_<

Keith, I don’t know if this will help, but here’s a screenshot showing the settings I’m using for that page. Don’t be confused by the negative top margin – that’s just so I can extend the image up under the semi-opaque header.

In my case, I’ve done all of this within a single section. If you’re using multiple sections, that might be causing your problem.

If you are using multiple sections and want the image to stay in place as lower sections scroll up, you need to apply the same image (with the same settings) to each of those lower sections.