Populating Media Gallery - How to upload multiple videos to Media Gallery?

Is there a way to upload multiple video files at a time? If so, how do I do this? If not, I have a follow up question.

How do you connect a Wix submit button to a Collection’s media gallery so that it can upload videos?

James, I’ve only been able to do this in the Content Manager. Would LOVE a new input type Media Gallery to add to my page!

Wix, your media gallery is a nice feature to display images and videos but we need a better way to upload them. I don’t want users in the back-end Content Manager (scary thought).
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Hey James,

As of today, neither the Wix Upload Button or the Upload APIs allow multiple file uploads at one time, however, you can make use of the Media Manager Upload from the backend to upload from a file buffer , or Media Manager Import File to pull the videos in from external URLs if you have them.

You can then loop through them if you need to.

I see that you said connect the button to submit to the collection, do you mean via the dataset UI? If so, there’s no way that I’m aware of using Wix’s Dataset options.

But you can create a JavaScript array and submit it using wixData.insert/update, as a field to your collections, with the following format: (Sample Gallery Field).

//Sample Gallery Array to be submitted in Wix Data
    "description": "Threed Super Logo Description",
    "slug": "1369f0_f729cae9cc354eaaba29d73bddab9212mv2",
    "src": "wix:image://v1/1369f0_f729cae9cc354eaaba29d73bddab9212~mv2.png/logopng#originWidth=1152&originHeight=1280",
    "title": "Threed Logo",
    "type": "image",
    "settings": {}
    "description": "Wix Romannntttiiiccc Couple Description",
    "slug": "0e141bd2-63b8-4f6a-ac21-80c47969910d",
    "thumbnail": "11062b_0e141bd263b84f6aac2180c47969910d",
    "src": "wix:video://v1/11062b_0e141bd263b84f6aac2180c47969910d/#posterUri=11062b_0e141bd263b84f6aac2180c47969910df000.jpg&posterWidth=1920&posterHeight=1080",
    "title": "Wix Romantic Couple",
    "type": "video"